TCF-Culinary Arts Center presents
with Asuman Albayrak
“A Journey into the Cuisine of Çorum”
28 - 30 October, 2016

Çorum, is known to be home to one of Anatolia’s oldest civilizations; the Hittites. It also has a culinary culture as deep as the history of Hittites with its local ingredients, products and some of the most refined cuisine in all of Turkey. We will be exploring the culinary culture in all aspects from the most well-known product the “leblebi” (roasted chickpeas – a popular snack among Turks), to a lesser known product , the delicate “baklava.” Our food expert Mrs. Asuman Albayrak, who is one of the contributing authors of various books on the cuisine of Çorum and Hittites, will be our host. She will be guiding us through Çorum while showing us all facets of the local cuisine. Come with us on this journey and lets explore this wonderful cuisine together...

The fragrant “leblebi;” a labour of love....
“Leblebi” was first made by Şeyh Murat Gazi in 1370, and has been kept alive since then, as one of the most iconic products of Çorum. Making of “leblebi” is a labor intensive work and has been considered as a very important trade that passes from father to son. When we visit Yaşar usta, one of Çorum’s oldest leblebi maker, we will witness a part of the making of leblebi, which takes about a month and a half altogether and requires a special wood burning oven and smoke-free firewood. While tasting this delicious snack we will learn all about this hard and demanding process in detail.

The uncharted local cuisine
There is a large variety of local cuisine in Anatolia yet to be discovered. It takes a lot of time and effort to dig out this culture and make it known throughout Turkey. Mrs. Albayrak has spent her time researching Çorum’s cuisine and bring it to light over the past years. With the advantages of being a local, she has done an extensive research all over Çorum as well as the cuisine of Hittites. Our culinary journey in Çorum will include all the local tastes, including but not limited to slow roasted lamb, dried gourd stew with lamb, various savoury pastries, and much more...

The highlands of Kargı
The town of Kargı is famous for its many highlands. We will be spending one of our nights here, breathing the fresh air and tasting the local specialties of this region. This region has many products that have received a geographical indication, one of them being the famous “kargı tulum” cheese. We will be visiting the cheesemakers of this region and witness the making of this cheese followed by a taste test.


28 October 2016 Friday 07:00 İstanbul - Ankara
30 October 2016 Sunday 19:45 Ankara - İstanbul

Price: 1.850 TL / per person*

Garanti Bank 3 installments (+3 bank offer)

The tour is limited to 12 participants. In the case that the tour does not meet the required minimum, Misal Turizm –A7886 holds the right to cancel the trip, and return the full payment, or make any changes required to the tour program.

Services included in the price:

*The price is for a single person in a double occupancy room.


28 October 2016 Friday

05:30 Meeting at Sabiha Gökçen airport. Departure for Ankara with Borajet’s flight at 07:00.

08:30 Arrival at Ankara Airport and depart for Çorum.

12:00 Arrival in Çorum and lunch at Çakır Sami located at the “Arasta” (the old market place). After lunch, we will start our city tour.

13:00 - 18:00 Çorum city tour, making of “Leblebi” and a visit to the Çorum Museum.
Our city tour will start on the streets of Çorum. World’s narrowest street is found in the old market place of Çorum, where the shoe shops are located. Then we will head over to the “Lider Leblebi.” The owner Yaşar Bodur, who is producing leblebi for 54 years, will explain to us how its made while offering us some leblebi for snacking. Our tour will continue with the Coppersmith’s market. The tour will end at the newly established Çorum Museum, where we will see the Hittite artifacts and get a brief on Hittite cuisine before our Hittite lunch on Sunday.

19:30 Dinner at Mor Salkım Restaurant.
This is a newly established restaurant that focuses on local Çorum cuisine as well as offals. Their signature dish of tripe “döner” will be on our menu as well as the dried gourd stew with lamb, knotweed with “pastırma,” lentils patties and many other local specialties

21:00 Head over to Dalgıçlar Otel for the evening.

29 October 2016 Saturday

07:30 - 08:00 Check-out from the hotel.

08:00 - 09:30 Breakfast at Katipler Konağı
Katipler Konağı is a family-owned establishment that’s main aim is to introduce Çorum’s culinary culture and pass it from generation to generation. A very special breakfast specially prepared will be waiting for us. The star of the breakfast will be the hidden secret of Çorum, “lüle baklava;” a local delicate baklava.

09:30 Depart for the town of Osmancık.

10:30 Arrive at Osmancık.
The town of Osmancık has been one of the rare towns in Anatolia where the old traditions are still exercised. The town is made famous by the type of rice grown in here. In 1997 it has been registered therefore it has gained an important value. While discovering and tasting the special dishes of the region we will also pay a visit to the distinctive“Koyunbaba” Bridge.

12:00 - 13:00 A lunch made with Osmancık’s trademark products will be offered here. After lunch, we will depart for the town of Kargı.

14:00 - 18:00 Arrival in Kargı. After taking a tour of the town, we will head over to the highlands of Kargı.
The economy in Kargı is enriched due to the rice and okra produced here. Also, the special cheese called “Kargı tulum” cheese made from the milk of local cows, sheep and goats have added a great value to the area’s economy. The traditional production method is Kargı tulum cheese begins with adding rennet and salt to lukewarm, fresh raw milk. The indigenous microflora contained in the raw milk increases the acidity of the curd for 12 hours. All the producers of this cheese are on the artisanal level and we will be visiting one of them.

20:30 Arrival at Kargı Tatil Köyü. After taking in the refreshing highland air and breathing all the oxygen we will be hungry for the wonderful feast that is prepared for us using only the locally sourced ingredients.

30 October 2016 Sunday

07:30 - 08:30 Local breakfast at Kargı, then we will check out.

10:30 - 12:00 Arrival at Çorum’s center. Visiting “Ulu” Mosque and the surrounding cafes.
Tea or coffee break.

12:30 - 14:00 A Traditional Hittite Feast for lunch specially prepared for us by Mrs. Albayrak.

14:00 Depart for Ankara Airport.

19:10 Depart for İstanbul with Borajet’s scheduled flight.


  • The guide may make changes to the itinerary when necessary based on weather or other uncontrollable conditions.

  • There are no assigned seats on the bus.

  • Guests are reminded to provide the material needed based on weather and nature conditions, such as rain boots, hiking boots, proper outer-wear etc. Also please do not forget to bring your camera, mobile phones and chargers and any other important material that you may need throughout the trip.